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•    3 scientific papers published: 

o    Cruz, N.C., Rodrigues, S.M., Carvalho, L., Duarte, A.C., Pereira, E., Römkens, P.F.A.M., Tarelho, L.A.C. (2017). Ashes from fluidized bed combustion of residual forest biomass: recycling to soil as a viable management option. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24, 14770-14781.


o    Alvarenga, P., Ferreira, C., Mourinha, C., Palma, P., de Varennes, A. (2018). Chemical and ecotoxicological effects of the use of drinking-water treatment residuals for the remediation of soils degraded by mining activities. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 161, 281-289.


 o    Silva, F.C, Cruz, N.M.C, Tarelho, L.A.C., Rodrigues, S.M. (2019). Use of biomass ash-based materials as soil fertilisers: critical review of the existing regulatory framework. Journal of Cleaner Production, 214, 112-124. Link: